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Our history

Generations succeed, but there remain the centuries behind that keep the excellent name of the Moldavian wines, reminding the upcoming generations about the wealth and value of the place where they were born.The art of winemaking in Moldova has its roots in the ancient times. For centuries the Moldavian wines were appreciated in the whole world.

ROMANESTI and BRANESTI wines have been appreciated since 1878 by Imperial Court. From 1996 until today the company is in the possession of BASVINEX, which keeps its name with honor and offers on the local and external market an excellent wine conceived with the help of greatest technology left for centuries.

The first plantations of "Romanesti" vines
“Romanesti” wines are exported by sea to the Russian Imperial Court
The “Romanesti” Winery passes into the possession of the boyar Cristea
The fondation of the "Pivnetele from Branești"
Foundation of the Basvinex SA and takeover of the package of shares of "Pivnetele Branesti"
Basvinex company becomes the first principal owner of the "Romanesti" society

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