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Cellars from Brăneşti

At the basis of creating the SA " Basvinex " was the company " Cellars Brăneşti " appeared in 1974 developed in the process of shell galleries , in the same year the first round of wine was stored for aging .

They were white ordinary wines , most wines "Nistru ", " Aligote ", " Sauvignon " , less " Riesling " and " Feteasca" .

The wines were exported to the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia , Germany, Holland , Bulgaria.

Every year the company has invested in new wines. In 1983 to storage were 500 thousand dal . In 1985 began operating the station no . 1 of producing fine wines .

In 1985-1986 in the aging process there were more than 1100000 dal of fine wines. All containers for wine storage tanks are enamelled with a capacity starting with 8 to 50 m3. In the first year of the establishment of the company the aging of wines was made in oak barrels .