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Old Romanesti, new, the newest…

Every year since Moldova celebrates the National Day of Wine , one of the wineries is awarded for producing high quality wines , for promoting Moldovan wines of exceptional quality , for promoting our country's image in the world. In 2011 the golden statue of flying stork with a bunch of grapes in its beak - the big prize for outstanding achievements in viticulture of Moldova was received by Romanesti company.

Romanesti. If you ever traveled through Moldova with a guide, then going on the route from Chisinau to Orhei, for sure the guide communicated you that here is the intersection that leads to Româneşti , whose name comes from the royal family of the Tarist Russia, and where the winery was of the Romanov family. How true is this? Data shows the fact that in 1850 the administration of the imperial court of Alexander II brought in Basarabia French specialists who have chosen this village, located in the bosom of nature, which keeps a special climate, appreciated as favorable for planting vines are confirmed by the documents kept until today. Over three years there have appeared the first plantations, and from 1878 started the deliveries of wine from Romanesti to the Palace. It is known also the fact that the Romanesti wine was taken to the royal table until the first World War (until 1914), although since 1911 the cognac was given, then lost by the owner at a game of card. But the new lord - lord Cristea - did not change the profile of the household. The building of the factory built in 1911 kept until now. In its cellars are kept the brandy and wine, there also is kept and stored a collection.

Thank to  Romanesti wines, which had occupied a pride place on the royal table, began to revive after 1946 when, actually appeared the village Romanesti. For forty years the Romanesti household was a leader in the production of qualitative wines in the country, and wine brand "Romanesti" was known abroad. Red wine brand created there in 1960, was originally called the "Bordo" and 1962 specialists have called it “Romanesti Bordo type". Red label with stork, with four medals (one of them - from the exhibition Bordo) with "Romanesti" inscription was well known to lovers of noble wines. On the label there was indicated "The wine is produced with the help of a special technology from selected grape varieties grown in Romanesti poured at Moldova factories". This wine with ruby ​​color with a bouquet of flavors that feel good nuances of almond and rocket - blending Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlo and Malbec with a maturation period of two years, which have a  special taste and soft, became the first Moldovan wine with name verified by the place of origin, received the Certificate №1 in the republic.

Today the wine proved the quality at Bordeaux - being exported to France, being sold in this famous winemaking region. This happened at the newest stage, only at the border of the years 1980-1990 the company was in decay, and at the end of 90s started from zero. The modern enterprise "Romanesti" was founded on 1 July 1997 and beginning with the summer of 2002 began its growth, it became owner of the company "Basvinex". It was rebuild everything, new lines were installed for grape processing, refrigerating plants to control boiling and cooling and processing production lines of pouring etc., and is opened a new line of producing in 2003 is opened a new producing line - distillation of raw wines in the alcohol of cognac. Old vineyards were removed, leaving only 6 ha planted in 1973 for experiments. New saplings were brought from France and Italy, noticing that the wines are produced from varieties brought from other places and today our company can say that it ensures its planting material independently.

Now JSC "Romanesti" owens two modern wineries, vines on an area of ​​over 168 ha. Its capital investment in 2002-2011 made up 143 mln. lei, of which 7.1 million lei - during heavy winery industry -year of Moldova in 2010-2011. In the company operate more than 300 people, has no debts to the budget. It holds a wide assortment of production. Besides traditional velvety red wines - both ordinary and branded, are produced white table wines, dessert wines. Raw wine Muscat is exported, for example, in Italy. From the white varieties it is prepared raw material for the factory of champagne wines "Brăneşti Cellars" (owner - Basvinex). Joint Stock Company holds a section of experimental wine. There are processed lower volumes of grapes with a handmade wooden wine press. SA "Romanesti" produces its own "cognac" and also enters in the line of other companies who have the right to produce the divine "Barza albă".

Now there were restored the authentic forms of the bottles , in which the wines were served at the royal table. Fill bottles with a matte finish and brand logo , the company has made ​​patent for that . After the Geneva Convention and Madrid in 32 countries has been patented the brand " Royal Standard " . The company is led by a well known winemaker - academician in viticulture and winemaking in Moldova , honorary member of the French , Spanish, Italian Academies- C. Sîrghi . In the world of wine his name serves as a guarantee of quality and therefore the best traditions of Basarabian wines .

In 2011 from its own plantations there were delivered 4,6 tons of grapes . These are the white varieties ( Sauvignon , Shardone , Riesling , Traminer , Uni- blan ) and red varieties ( Cabernet, Merlo , Melbec , Shiraz , Pino noir ) . Besides these - 34 rare varieties in Moldova , grown each 500-600  bushes for micro winery, these wines go only into private collections .

Red wines after Constantine Sîrghi appreciation , promise to be of exceptional quality , because the grapes gathered a high level of sugar.

Source: Free Time , Prepared by Cudreavţeva Elena